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Modular Construction

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We pride ourselves on being fast and efficient, all of our products are 90% by mass more ECO friendly than other equivilent building methods. 

We aim to have your average project completed in just 2 weeks, unheard of, I know ! But this is what sets us apart from the rest.



Our Factory is Strategically located in North Yorkshire,  This enables us to distribute our products across the entire of the United Kingdom.

North Yorkshire has essential road links with north including Scotland and as far as Lands End in Cornwall.

We truly are a nationwide Company.



Within our team we have structural engineers, Cad designers and chartered surveyors. 

Knowledge is what makes our business.

We only use the latest technology to design your dream project. 



We offer a full design and build package, like no other.

Included in all of our packages you will receive free finical advise, design inspiration, planning advice and assistance. All completely free.  



Virtu Modular 

Virtu's ability to offer bespoke solutions to our clients is what sets us apart from other UK modular construction companies. Not only do we offer a wide range of versatile systems to numerous sectors, but we can also offer complete flexibility in the way we deliver projects – with the ability to act as a specialist subcontractor or offer our clients a full turnkey construction solution.

We strive to ensure that both the visual and technical aspects of our clients’ expectations are met using a wide range of materials and finishes within all of our Homes, Extensions, Garages and Garden room modules and bathroom pods. Our design, procurement and production teams work tirelessly to create and manufacture the most suitable product for each client, whether that’s a luxury Garden Room or a six storey housing development.


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