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What is Light Steel Framing

Steel frame construction used to be primarily used for large, simple structures, such as garages, large agricultural buildings and warehouses – as well as high-rise buildings. This is how steel frame construction is still understood in popular belief, but it is now also used for a wide range of other types of development, including offices, factories, schools, public buildings and some residential dwellings.

Steel frame construction is a good option for a diversity of projects for many reasons, including:

  • Durability

  • Affordability

  • Sustainability

Structural steel components can quickly be fabricated off-site and then transported to the construction site when needed, minimising onsite labour requirements and reducing the impact of variables that can delay a project, such as adverse weather.

Benefits of LSF

Strength &


Modular buildings are constructed with the most durable building materials to ensure that your modular construction is built to last. The materials used for internal walls improve sound insulation and fire-proofing, and modular building structures are extremely airtight which ensures their energy-efficiency.

Speed &


Modular building projects can be completed 40-60% quicker than traditional construction methods.

By choosing to build modular, the indoor construction process can take place alongside site and foundations work and there’s no need to worry about weather delays.



Modular constructions are very cost-effective, with flexible payment options available and a shorter construction time. The design service is often included too so you don’t need to worry about architect costs on top of building expense.



The beauty of building modular is that it removes 80% of the construction activity away from the actual site location – so you can keep your home, school or business running smoothly with minimal impact and disruption.

Eco Friendly


Modular buildings are kind to the environment – they are built with eco-friendly building materials and are leading the market with the use of recycled materials. The off-site construction process ensures less waste, too. One of the benefits of modular construction is that you can be sure that you are investing in a sustainable construction process from start to finish.


of use

Thanks to the bespoke design, modular buildings are extremely flexible. Whether you need extra space for a garden room, office, studio, school classroom or music room, modular buildings can meet your requirements with the perfect flexible extra space. As shown by our case studies, many clients use modular buildings for more than one purpose and they can be designed accordingly.

Modular Construction Methods

Both our pods and panels are built using the exact same materials and processes. The reason we offer a panel built home extension is because it is not always logistically or economically feasible to lift a full pod over your house. Due to the weight of the full pod, a larger crane is required to lift it and sometimes the extra cost is not justifiable. Also, if your house extension is a certain size then sometimes it is simply too big to transport on the road.

Panel Form